Why Lovely People Studio?

Integrity, transparency and open communication is at the forefront of everything we do. We care, we appreciate and we understand that sometimes running a fashion label can seem scary. However, with our collective skills open to you, and our contagious enthusiasm to not only ignite ideas, but make them happen, we are confident we will help you get there.


I want to start a fashion label. I have big ideas but no idea where to start. Can you help?

Firstly. How exciting is that? Secondly. We’ve been there, and that’s why we’re here!

We’ve collected an arsenal of knowledge and know-how’s over the years we’ve been in the industry (from pattern room to production). With a knowledge sharing and collaborative approach throughout everything we do, our hope is that our learnings can help you pave a path to your dreams even more seamlessly.

Let’s have a chat about your ideas and see what magic we can make.


Patterns (Exclusive or Licensed)


What is a licensed pattern, and how is it different to an exclusive pattern?

A standard license means that you will not have ownership of the pattern, and it can be bought and used by other companies.

An exclusive pattern on the other hand, is owned by your brand or company alone, and cannot be used by anyone else.


I like one of the prints in your pattern library but I want it all to myself. Can I buy it exclusively?

Assuming no licences have yet been purchased on your chosen pattern, then absolutely! If one of our patterns catches your eye, simply email us with the code number and we will check it for you. Heads up. All exclusive artwork is AUD $600 each.


Does purchasing an exclusive print mean that I own it?

Absolutely. All copyright and intellectual property rights are transferred to you if you purchase an exclusive print from us. That means it is yours to do whatever you please!


I’d like to change a few things about the artwork in one of your patterns. Can I do this?

You sure can. All of the files are motif separated and can be moved around as you wish. We’re also happy to do this for you! Please note that will be an additional cost to this, and that any artwork modifications may then need to be put into repeat and colour separated again for it to be print ready.


Do you send fabric headers?

All our files are digital, but we are of course happy to have your design printed on a fabric header for a fee, if you wish.


What about colour matching/pantones?

We can supply pantone colours if desired, however due to screen calibration affecting the appearance of colours we strongly recommend that you choose or check the colours yourself in your pantone book. If you don’t have one you can send the factory colour fabric swatches for colour reference.




What is a technical pack and do I need one?

Your technical pack (also known as a specification sheet) is a comprehensive document that houses all of your design information such as fabrication and trims, method of construction, print or embroidery placement, size measurements and labelling/ packing information.

Think of it as your little production instruction bible. They are an an essential method of communication with your manufacturing factory for it ensures you receive exactly what you want, avoiding several unnecessary prototypes before getting the right one!


Where can I get my fabric printed?

The first place you should check is with your factory, as they may have an in-house printer or a preferred supplier to work with for your selected fabrics. We also know of some fantastic Australian printers, so let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to e-introduce you and hook you up!


I have done some rough sketches but don’t know how to draw them for my patternmaker.

No problem. Send your sketches through along with any reference images and we can whip them up in our fancy illustrator program for you. We can also drop colours and prints into the illustrations so you can really visualise your collection and see how it will all look!


Can I use one of your patterns on products for resale, like on clothing, homewares or stationery?

Yes, you can print our designs on anything you like!


I need to print my chosen design on a fabric that is wider than your artwork. Can you make it fit?

Usually the manufacturing factory does offer this service. However, if you prefer that we look into this for you personally, we are happy to help too! Just send us your fabric width and we can repeat the pattern to the desired size for you for no additional cost.


Got a question that's not here? Shoot us an email and we are more than happy to help.